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Our Story

RRP started operations in 1989 as a molder of products for Automotive Material Handling applications. This business grew and soon RRP became one of the major suppliers in the Automotive Dunnage marketplace. In, 1993 RRP began molding custom products and developed a line of Replacement Class 8 truck bumpers, selling to markets across the US and Canada. As the custom molding business evolved in 1996, RRP developed a proprietary line of Spoilers and Hood Scoops, which were sold under the Special Effects Marketing brand name.

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In 1997 due in part to our experience in the material handling market RRP was introduced to the Contract Packaging Market to support a customer in packaging their service parts requirements.


In 2006 after about nine years of custom molding we decided to focus on the Contract Packaging business and transition away from the custom molding business.  This decision though was difficult at the time has allowed us to grow our business in a direction more suitable to the changing markets we now experience.


We would welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and we would be honored if you requested further information on our company and our services.