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RRP specializes in packaging distribution-ready products for automotive, industrial, and consumer products sectors. Our packaging processes range from manual to automated processes depending on the projects’ requirements.

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RRP offers assembly service for your products. We perform manual and automated assembly operations. These process offerings allow our customers to save inventory costs by reducing the number of SKU’s required to be on hand at any given time. It also offers our customers a method to save money on an assembly process that may divert assets from a key process in their plant.

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RRP has 350,000 square feet of building space, with additional space can be contracted upon request. Our warehouse space footprint is the icing to our cake, providing us the capability to be a full service supplier to our customers.
By design our warehouse is considered high bay and lends itself to smaller floor space occupancy for the products we store.

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Our shipping service is an extension of the packaging service we provide to our customers. Our initial focus has been to transport parts that are directly related to our packaging business. By offering this service we are better able to work with tighter delivery schedules of product. This has evolved into transporting freight between our Tier 1 customers and their Tier 2 supply base in order to save our customers some costs.

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Our Facility is over 335,000 square feet of building space

with an additional 20,000 sq. ft. flex space available

Let us show you around, there is ample space for warehousing your product.

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